The Glassblowing Shops are owned and operated by John & Kathy Warner, their sons Scott Warner and Chris Kennedy and longtime associate JoAnn McCabe.

John, Kathy and JoAnn were trained in the art of flamework glassblowing by Kathy’s father John Cudequest. He was trained in his craft, as a young man, by his Uncle in New York City.

John Cudequest was the first flameworker to demonstrate his craft for the enjoyment of the public, allowing them to see how these beautiful hand blown glass figurines were made. This happened in Miami Beach, Florida in the late 1940’s.

So began a family tradition which has continued for four generations.

John & Kathy moved from Los Angeles, California to Santa Claus, Indiana in 1973, to open a glassblowing shop in a theme park. They continue to operate the shop at Holiday World and from there have grown to their current five locations.

Along the way they operated a glassblowing shop named The Crystal Palace at Opryland U.S.A. in Nashville, Tennessee for fourteen years until the close of the park in 1997.

They continue the tradition, started by John Cudequest, of performing live glassblowing demonstrations at each of their locations, for the enjoyment and education of their guests.